Nathalie is a freelance designer and social media enthusiast currently based in Barcelona, Spain. 

Her endless desire to discover the world and her curiosity to explore cultures reflect the importance of interaction and communication in her career.  

Her expertise focus is DesignPublic Relations, EditorialCommunication and Social Media.  She has worked as the content editor and curator on selected publications in the past six years.

She is the Communications Director and Social Media Manager at OFFF Festival, the most inspiring creativity event on earth. As the Festival's spokeswoman, she directs the Festival’s visual communication and is one of the leading voices of the Festival in Barcelona and the OFFF on Tour editions.  

Besides that, running is her life.

Oh and she has an obnoxious laugh



Managing Editor & Project Manager of TOTEMOFFF Barcelona 2019 official book by Bienal Comunicación

Managing Editor of The Visible and The, OFFF Barcelona 2018 official book by MUCHO

Editorial and managing editor of NOSTÓS, OFFF Barcelona 2017 official book by OUTRO

Managing Editor of Archetype, OFFF Barcelona 2016 official book by Atelier

Content Manager of OFFF UNMASKED, OFFF Festival 2015 15th anniversary book by Vasava 

Designer of OFFFentic font for Notegraphy 

Deputy Editor of The Poool, a magazine by Héctor Ayuso produced by OFFF Festival


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